Just like professional mountaineers spend endless days preparing for the ascent, companies in today's business world need to be sure-footed when it comes to process execution, utilise expert skills to tackle the challenges of success and exert superhuman effort to achieve performance targets.

Now SUMMIT, professionals in performance improvement, have partnered with ENLIGHTEN, international specialists in operational transformation. The synergy between Summit and Enlighten focuses on performance improvement, employee engagement and management visibility that allows for the integration of methodologies applicable to the front end of an organization all the way to back office operations.


Summit Consulting assists organisations in the identification of performance gaps and the design and development of performance improvement solutions. Summit combines key methodologies and practical tools to assist clients with improving business performance which translates into attainable and measurable bottom line results. Summit Consulting coaches individuals and teams to performance success and beyond. Summit is a black empowered BB-EEE company, ready to engage at all levels of business.
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